Nutrition 101 – Peaches

There are two types of peaches: semi-freestone (flesh partially clings to the pit) and freestone (flesh separates easily from the pit). The semi-freestone variety is available July 17 to August 12 and is excellent for eating out-of-hand. The freestone peaches are available August 12 to September 30 and are perfect for eating fresh and for all your preserving needs.

Nutrition 101:

One medium-size peach contains 37 calories and is a source of vitamin C and vitamin A.

Peach Peeling:

  1. Cut a shallow X at the bottom of each peach.
  2. To blanch, add to boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes, or until skin starts to separate.
  3. With a slotted spoon, transfer to ice water (stops fruit from cooking).
  4. Remove skin easily with a small knife.

Where to Go:

Check out Campbell’s Orchard: they have a juicy peach crop this year and an enormous sweet cherry crop.

Visit the Kowalik family at Peach Country Farm Market: with over 40 years of farming experience spanning three generations, it’s a perfect way to spend the day eating juicy, fresh peaches and indulging in their specialty fruit pies (baked daily) while overlooking this picturesque 32-acre orchard.

Peach Recipe

Individual Peach and Amaretti Cheesecakes