Apple Picking

Which apples are best for crunching fresh versus baking into mouth-watering desserts? Here is a look at some varieties to help you choose the ones you want to pick from a farm. Right now, all are at their crisp best.

Tip: Call the orchard first and find out if the apple type you want is available, the hours of operation and whether or not it provides bags. Click here to help find the farm closest to you.

  • McIntosh –  tender, juicy and moderately tart, great for cooking, baking or eating fresh.
  • Red Delicious – firm, crisp and low acid, great eaten raw, not recommended for cooking.
  • Empire –  super crunchy texture, great for school lunches or perfect in sauces and for baking.
  • Idared – sweetly tart and juicy, great for sauces, baking and cooking.
  • Crispin – very juicy and super crisp, perfect for sauces, baking and freezing.
  • Golden Delicious – mildly sweet and juicy, great for salads and baking.
  • Spartan – distinctive sweet flavour, great all-purpose apple.
  • Cortland – sweet with a hint of tartness, excellent for eating, salads, sauces and baking.
  • Northern Spy – sweet-tart flavour, great for eating and is fabulous for baking.
  • Honey Crisp – ultra crisp, sweet, slightly tart, great for eating, salads and baking.
  • Russet – spicy pronounced flavour, definitely worth a try, great for eating.
  • Jona Gold – honey sweet with a hint of tart, great for eating, salads and baking.
  • Royal Gala – mellow sweet flavour, great for eating raw.

Apple Recipe

Glazed Ontario Apple-Ricotta Tarts

Rich homemade pastry sets the stage for a creamy-sweet combination of ricotta cheese and caramelized Ontario apples. Infused with Calvados (apple brandy), they make the perfect sweet ending to your next dinner party.