Ontario Farm Fresh

The beauty of the winter season

The beauty of the winter season can only be fully appreciated by exploring the countryside. Many farms are still open and waiting for your visit. Cut your own Christmas tree at a farm, enjoy a wagon ride and pick up some greenery.

Take some time to explore the farms in your area or go for a drive and find some new ones. Many on-farm markets are open year round, depending on the products they produce and offer. Click on the ‘Find a Farm’ button and explore farms nearby or farms that offer unique foods to try. Grab your mitts and your hat and get out in the countryside. Explore rural Ontario and the many farmers who live there. It is always a great opportunity for some fresh air, fresh experiences and lots of fun. 
To help you find a farm close to you, click here. Check out various farms for special events, birthday parties, cooking lessons and festivals. ‘Get Fresh. Visit a Farm.’